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Dr Megan Rossi BSc PhD RD

Dr Megan Rossi BSc PhD RD (aka The Gut Health Doctor) is one of the most influential gut health specialists internationally her PhD in gut health even won an award.

Getting pretty frustrated at the misleading nutrition information and unfounded health claims out there, Megan founded Bio&Me to bridge the gap between the science and our food. She has a passion for helping people look after their health from the inside out, through food that is tasty too!'

As a registered dietitian, nutritionist and research fellow at King's College London, Megan is hugely dedicated to making it easier for us all to look after our guts, so we can all come to think of this newly appreciated organ as something beautiful.

And if that wasn't enough, she's also set up The Gut Health Clinic in London and written her first book, Eat Yourself Healthy, as an easy-to-digest guide to gut health and beyond, which immediately became an Amazon best-seller!

But don't just take our word for it...

As seen in

Sky News at Breakfast

Jan 27, 2020 Bio&Me Team

How to Eat Yourself Healthy with Dr Megan (hint: it's easier than you think!)

The Grocer

Nov 01, 2019 Bio&Me Team

Our founder Dr Megan introducing Bio&Me and sharing her thoughts on the gut health trend.


Sep 19, 2019 Bio&Me Team

How to have a healthy gut: eat 30 different plants a week!  

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