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You know that sad feeling when you get to the bottom of your box of granola, porridge, or muesli? Start a subscription today and you’ll never have to feel that again. We’ll deliver all your favourites to your door, every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. Not only that, as a subscriber we’ll give you 5% off every order and that’s 5% off the current website price at the time, so you’re always getting the very best deal. It’s a win win!


Subscribe & Save offers a discount of 5% off the then-current purchase price for regularly scheduled deliveries of Subscribe & Save Products only.

The Subscribe & Save discount you receive will be the discount applied to your Subscribe & Save products at the time your order is processed. Temporary discounts and time-limited or special offers only apply to Subscribe & Save orders placed while that discount or offer is available and running.

Your Subscribe & Save subscription(s) continue until cancelled. The price of each Subscribe & Save order will be charged to the payment method used to create your subscription. If we are unable to complete your Subscribe & Save order using the payment method you used to create your subscription or otherwise indicated by you, you authorise us to update your subscription with another payment method we have on record for you and to charge that payment method for your Subscribe & Save orders. If we do not have another payment method on record for you or are unable to charge any payment method, we have on record for you for your Subscribe & Save orders, your Subscribe & Save subscription(s) will be cancelled. Bio&Me hold the the right to cancel your subscription at any time. 


Q: Where is Bio&Me based and where will the granolas be available?

We're based in Chester and London (UK), however our granolas can reach you wherever you are. 

 Q: What are the delivery options?

We know there's no joy in "P+P", if we could teleport our gut-loving granola to you, we would!

We've looked far and wide to provide the best options for you and your pockets (and so you know, we don't make a penny on P+P). We're always looking for new ways to make this even better, so if you've seen another way, do let us know and we'll make it happen.


UK (including NI & HI)

Standard delivery (1-2 business days) = £5.00 for P+P 

Next-day delivery (order by 10pm) = £6.50 for P+P
If you can't wait two days (and we don't blame you), for an extra £1.50 your granola will arrive the next day when you order before 10pm.


Lots of Delicious Diversity. Treat yourself to all four flavours or stick to multiple of your favourite. Let’s get our guts back on track!


Q: Do you deliver internationally?


If your country doesn't come up as an option, get in touch with us at and we'll see if we can find a way.


Q: What can I do if my order has arrived damaged or I want to return?

We've got a brilliant local company to carefuly pack our granola boxes to make sure our products get to you and your gut in perfect condition.

If, for some unfortunate reason, your order looks like it's had a rough ride or you're not happy with our products, drop us an email at with a snap of the damage within 14 days of delivery and we'll send over a replacement or refund the product price just as soon as we can.

If you've opened your granola and had a taste (it's hard to resist!), we're afraid we won't be able to sort out a refund for you - but we'd love to hear what you think.



Q: Are Bio&Me granolas, porridge and Muesli suitable for children?

Yes, our products are a great no-added-sugar option for children as a healthier choice, without compromising on taste, and around half of their daily fibre intake per serving (yes, including the chocolatey one!). They’ll also be getting 15 different types of plant-based foods without even knowing it.

For children under the age of four, as our granolas contain whole nuts, just be careful to avoid the risk of choking as they’re still learning their chewing skills. For toddlers, you may like to whizz up the tasty clusters into smaller pieces.

If your child has an oat or nut allergy, then unfortunately our current granola range won’t be suitable.


Q: Are Bio&Me granolas, porridge and muesli suitable while pregnant?

It’s always best to check with your healthcare team, however none of our ingredients in Bio&Me granolas are classed as unsafe during pregnancy. For more information on this, visit the NHS website here.


Q: Can the Bio&Me packaging be recycled?

We use 100% recycled material for our card boxes and 100% recyclable cardboard, which is widely recycled by local authorities.

Our inner bag is made from food safe plastic film, which, while it is theoretically recyclable, unfortunately we don't know of any local authorities that are currently able to accept for recycling because it can be tricky to identify the material.

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment and we will always use the most sustainable options available to us. Sadly, there aren’t any great commercially viable options for home compostable packaging that is truly better for our planet. We’re currently working on a project with our supplier to move into compostable packaging, which in all honesty can take time, as we want to make sure any new packaging is truly better for the environment and isn’t solving one problem by creating another (for example, food waste, if it doesn’t protect our food products).

We’re always on the look out for new alternatives to minimise our environmental impact – so if you come across smart, eco-friendly packaging alternatives, please do get in touch. We’d love to explore it.


Q: What is prebiotic fibre?

A prebiotic (not to be mistaken for a probiotic) is essentially food that feeds your beneficial microbes. Most prebiotics are a type of dietary fibre, but to gain the title of a prebiotic, it must prove it has a health benefit in scientific trials – it’s a pretty coveted title! At Bio&Me, we’ve made our granolas with prebiotic fibres as they’ve been linked with a range of health benefits, from improving blood-sugar control and appetite regulation to supporting our immunity, bone health and skin health.


Q: Does Bio&Me contain sugar or salt?

There is no added sugar and no added salt in Bio&Me, you’ll only find naturally occurring sugars and salt from plant-based foods here.



Q: Is Bio&Me OK for people that have / are:

Vegan: Yes, Bio&Me granolas are 100% plant-based, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Lactose intolerance: Yes, Bio&Me granolas are dairy-free (lactose is the natural sugar present in milk). 

Nut allergies: Bio&Me granolas do contain nuts, so unfortunately, we’re not currently suitable for those with nut allergies. Our granolas do not contain peanuts and our bakery is peanut-free.

Coeliac disease: While we don’t use wheat (a gluten-containing grain) in our products, our bakery does handle wheat, so unfortunately, we’re not currently suitable for coeliacs. We’re working on that.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: If you have IBS and are keen to try, start with half a portion for the first week to allow your gut to adapt to the extra gut-loving fibre, and increase gradually from there.

Low FODMAP: Our granola isn't classed as low FODMAP as it's prebiotic. However it's important to note that following a low FODMAP diet should only ever be done for a maximum of 8 weeks. It's really important to reintroduce FODMAPS because most of them are prebiotics, which feed the good microbes! In fact, long term restriction of FODMAPs has been shown to decrease some of the good microbes.

What is your customer satisfaction score? Based on customers who purchased direct from our website in 2021, 96% were happy - with an average overall score of 9.4 out of 10. 

 Q: I have a question that’s not covered here, who can I ask?

Drop us an email at or send us a message on social media @bioandmeuk – we’d love to hear from you and will answer your questions as best we can!

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