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Why gut health?

We talk a lot about our gut health here at Bio&Me - but what exactly is gut health and why is it so important?

When we talk about 'gut health', we're referring to the functioning of our entire digestive tract. That's the 9 metre-long tube that delivers food from entry (our mouths) all the way to exit (in our poop).

A lot goes on along the way, including digesting our food and absorbing important nutrients, as well as a whole host of other functions - without us even knowing.

Gut health is still a pretty new area of research in the science world - it's only in the last decade or so that scientists discovered the community of trillions of bacteria living in our gut. This totally revolutionised how we look after our health and wellbeing - unlocking huge power and potential!

And it's not just about your digestive system. Good gut health is linked to better overall health, including your heart, your skin and your brain. Looking after your gut can also help with weight management and better mental health, as well as reducing the risk of some pretty nasty illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes, and even many cancers. 


There are two main reasons why gut health is so important for everyone.

1️⃣ 70% of our immune system lays along our digestive tract, which means fewer sick days, lower risk of allergies and autoimmune conditions, you need to have good gut health.

2️⃣ We all have trillions of bacteria in the lower part of our digestive tract. In fact the bacteria actually outnumber human cells!

Where can you start to look after your gut health?

Dietary fibre from a diverse range of sources is key. All of our plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds, feed our bacteria and keep them happy. They’re important because they produce hormones, different vitamins and communicate with our brain.

Human cells can’t digest dietary fibre - its sole purpose is actually to feed the bacteria living in our gut!

That's why our granolas are packed with 15 different types of plant-based goodness - half of your recommended 30 types a week!

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